Radar/Polar Chart

Prototype data
Double click on the chart to invoke the grid editor
Edit Text
To view data as Text
Right click on the chart and select "Edit Text"
You can easily manipulate chart's display properties by invoking the "chart properties"
Right click on the chart and select "Edit Chart Properties"
  1. colors=["rgba(79,255,25,1)","rgba(42,178,0,1)","rgba(18,76,0,1)","rgba(249,229,0,1)","rgba(225,127,0,1)","rgba(201,25,0,1)"]
  2. colors.alpha=null
  3. gutter=25
  4. labels=["jan","feb","mar","apr","may"]
  5. labels.axes="nsew"
  6. labels.position="center"
  7. scale.decimals=null
  8. strokestyle="#091C10"
  9. text.color="#091C10"
  10. text.size=10
  11. title=""
  12. title.hpos=null
  13. title.vpos=null
  14. ymax=null
  15. ymin=0
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