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Dashboard Editor

All of the object manipulations take place when you select an object in the canvas area. When you select a widget a blue border appears around it 

  • You can select multiple objects by pressing “Ctrl” + mouse click repeatedly on several objects.
  • You can drag and move around all the selected objects at once.
  • All of the below text manipulations and color effects apply to all the selected objects at once.
  • To unselect, just click anywhere on the canvas or outside any widget

Text manipulation

Object Alignment and Grouping

Color Fill and Transparency (opacity) options

Line Color and line width options

Presentation and Quick Sharing: These are quick access buttons that let you view the current page in presentation mode. You can grab the URL of individual page in the presentation mode from the address bar. Make it public: This is a quick action that makes the above presentation URL publicly accessible. If you did not make it public and shared the URL through email or posted on a web page then no one can view the contents of the page. You can toggle between public and private access. 

 Left Panel 


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