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Packaged Data Warehouse

InfoCaptor Packaged Data warehouse comes with pre-built connectors for various Social and web services.For each social service that is integrated, it has the Connector, Extractor and Processor components.

Connector: This module uses Vendor API to connect to the service such as OAUTH or SOAP and saves the token for background processing. 

Extractor: This module allows the user to define multiple jobs for data extraction. During the definition process it allows them to pick which reports/metrics/dimensions and also the target table name in the Social DataWarehouse. 

Processor: This module runs daily. It check which extraction jobs are due to run and executes them. The extracted data is then put in the Staging Area. 

Data Warehouse: This is a MySQL database and all the staged data is loaded into individual tables in the datawarehouse. Once the data is loaded into the warehouse, it is available for visual analysis and dashboard publishing purpose.


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