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InfoCaptor configuration File

Display Common Dashboards If you design and build dashboards that anyone in your organization can view and access then you can provide them using the following properties.

Note: You can still share dashboards using Groups and direct sharing to individual users.

This option is intended for public dashboards and the following setup allows for a common area for all publicly visible dashboards 

$icprop[“dash_code”] = array(“rename_new_50a1246547dca”,”user_dashboard_50aad5f8eeb13″); 

dash_code is a list of all dashboard codes that are publicly accessible and you want everyone to see.

Typical usage is to provide system wide monitoring dashboards, important KPI dashboards etc 

$icprop[“dash_name”] = array(“Admin Dashboard”,”Subscription Usage”); 

dash_name is the descriptive name for each dash_code respectively 

$icprop[“dash_img”] = array(“icons/64/utilities-system-monitor.svg”,”icons/64/application-x-gtkwave.svg”); 

dash_img is the icon that represents the dashboard. You can even use the dashboard’s own screenshot from its directory  


Define the max timeout limit in seconds. The default value of 15 will timeout queries in 15 seconds

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