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Rudrasoft launched a desktop based dashboard application in early 2006. The main purpose was to provide small and medium business owners to easily extract meaningful insight from their business data. Its ease of use and deployment led to its quick adoption by hundreds of small business owners.

The desktop based InfoCaptor product matured and finally in 2012, a new web based version of InfoCaptor was launched. Along with the release we also launched an online Dashboard service. This new incarnation of InfoCaptor is quickly gaining traction and being adopted by users from diverse industries and businesses of varying sizes.

Over the years Rudrasoft has grown organically in terms of satisfied customers and multiples installations. Rudrasoft's main focus is to continuously improve its solution and make it easy for end users to get meaningful insights from their business data.

Our thoughts and principles

Visualizations will continue to improve and no longer be a differentiating factor among vendors. Users will be able to perform advanced visualizations by simple drag and drop operations.

Dashboards will continue to be used for monitoring real time events as well as publish scorecards and performance metrics. The line between a dashboard page and any other internal web page will fade.

Eliminate desktop based development and enable every user to learn data visualization and data analysis. Desktop based development provides lot of friction for the end user to jump into any kind of visualizations and quick analysis. Imagine if all business analyst were able to login into the browser and quickly connect to any data source and publish visualizations.

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboard solutions will become super affordable enabling a massive shift in the culture of many organizations.

Why InfoCaptor?

Our Mission is to provide the best user experience at the most affordable pricing in the market. There are hundreds of Business Intelligence and Analytics product in the market and InfoCaptor is uniquely positioned as "get-the-job-done" application that will fit budget of every organization.

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Dashboard development
  • Data integration + ETL

We believe decisions based on data are much more valuable and organizations should enable every user to learn data visualization and data analysis.

Users should be able to perform advanced visualizations by simple drag and drop operations.

The combination of above principles and an affordable Business Intelligence and Dashboard application can surely accelerate the creation of a Data Driven Organization

Engagement Model

infocaptor implementation model
We offer a 3-tiered engagement model that provides a comprehensive solution with a high quality product as well as flexible service. As shown in Figure, there are three ways in which our customers can engage with us. The most basic offering is the Product tier in which we offer license, product installation, training, and support services. This model can be extended by adding implementation services directly delivered by Rudrasoft Consultants. Finally, we can also engage through third parties that can implement and support the InfoCaptor Enterprise platform.

Our solution is also offered over the cloud platform to several of our customers. Depending on our customer's readiness to deploy their data on external cloud platforms, we can consider creating private cloud based solution.

The most suitable engagement model is jointly determined in consultation with our customers. Each of the models will follow a structured methodology that makes the overall process predictable and manageable for our customers.

Our Services


  • Installation on your servers
  • Configuration and setup
  • Installation on your choice of cloud
  • Development training
  • User Training


  • Requirements Gathering
  • ETL Development
  • Building Mockups/Prototypes
  • Development of dashboards
  • Custom Dashboard Templates and layout
  • Oracle EBS Dashboard/analytics
  • Salesforce Dashboards
  • Google Analytics Dashboards

Porting and Migration to InfoCaptor

  • Migrate OBIEE Dashboards
  • Migrate Tableau Dashboards
  • Migrate Qlikview Dashboards
  • Migrate Excel Dashboards
  • Migrate Microstrategy Dashboards
  • Migrate Spotfire Dashboards
  • Migrate any other custom dashboard

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