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JDBC with MS Access – UCanAccess driver

JDBC-ODBC bridge has been discontinued in latest Java releases so here is an alternative method to connect to Microsoft Access Database using pure java based driver.

Visit the uCanAccess URL

Download the file.

Unzip and Extract all files

Copy the main ucanaccess jar file and put in in the InfoCaptor Tomcat sub-folder

All jar files should go in the tomcat/lib folder

Next copy the following jar files from the ucanaccess../lib folder to tomcat/lib

All of the above 4 jar files also need to be copied into the tomcat/lib directory

Restart Tomcat

Create a connection alias using the ucanaccess driver

On the Add new connection page, click on the “Other JDBC” connection type

JDBC Driver Name : net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessDriver

Example URL for adventureworks accdb file that is located in the c:\\samples directory
JDBC URL : jdbc:ucanaccess://c:/samples/AdventureWorks.accdb

Once all the paths and driver names are entered, click “Test Connection”

You should see a list of all tables once connected successfully.

Click on “Add new Connection”

This connection alias will now be available in the dashboard editor and also in the Data Visualizer’s data tab.

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