Visualization and reporting Examples

Stunning d3js and html5 dataviz gallery

Dashboards with beautiful visualizations and intuitive user interface.The most easy way to build D3js based charts. Use the power of hierarchical visualizations like Circle pack to get insight into your organizational structure, employee hierarchy, cost center allocations, expense analysis like a boss! Circos/Chord diagram gives a unique way to see relationships and sunburst is perfect to visualize strategy trees based on your KPIs

  • Normal Pivot

    Pivot Table

  • Symbol Pivot

    Symbol chart

  • Fixed width pivot table

  • Heatmap Pivot


  • Vertical group bar chart

  • Vertical stack bar chart

  • Vertical bullet graph chart

  • Scatter Bubble chart

  • trellis_horiz_stack_bar

    Horizontal stack bar chart

  • trellis_scatter_bubble

    Trellis bubble scatter chart

  • trellis_vertical_group_bar2

    Vertical group bar chart

  • symbol_pivot

    Pivot Symbol/icon chart

  • trellis_line_chart

    line /spline chart

  • horizontal_bullet

    Horizontal bullet chart

  • symbol_pivot

    Pivot Symbol chart

  • horizontal_bullet

    Horizontal bullet chart

  • area

    Stacked area chart

  • symbol_pivot

    Pivot Symbol chart

  • usa_county_map

    USA County Map

  • world_map

    Choropleth USA Map

  • trellis_bubble_line

    Bubble line dual chart

  • trellis_area_chart

    Area chart

  • trellis_vertical_stack_bar

    Vertical Stack chart

  • trellis_horizontal_group_bar

    Horizontal group bar chart

  • sunburst, cartwheel, stacked pie chart

    Sunburst hierarchical chart

  • cluster_tree

    Cluster Tree hierarchical chart

  • circle_pack

    Circle Pack hierarchical chart

  • chord

    Chord/Circos chart

  • treemap

    d3 Treemap chart

  • circle_pack

    d3js Circle pack chart

  • sunburst

    d3js Circle pack chart

  • circle_pack

    Circle pack diagram

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