Google Pagerank

Goal: To display Google pagerank metric for any single or multiple domains. You need not be the owner of the domain you want to track.
"id_list" is an array of domain names. You need to mention the http part, like or etc
multiple domains can be specified as comma separated values e.g "id_list":["","",""]
  1. Drag a square box from the left panel
  2. Right click and select Data source
  3. Select "Google Pagerank" from drop down
  4. Click on "Add Default Values"
  5. In the id_list, provide your own domain that you want to track
  6. Click ok
Since you chose a "Box", it automatically displays in a summary format.
In the id_list, you can track multiple domains
For e.g let us track "" and ""
When you click "OK", the box still displays only metrics for infocaptor domain
Why is that? The reason is the box by default displays only the first set of information. Unless you process the data into a Text string (using javascript), the box can display only one set of information.
To make sure the box is still able to display mockuptiger information, let us reverse the position of the array members
So now the box shows only mockuptiger information.
How do you display multiple domain metrics
For multiple listing, we have the "Grid" component and the charting component
So let us try the Grid
So this way you can track any domain (even that belongs to your competitors)
How to compare the metrics on a bar chart
Drag the bar chart and just use a list of URLs as below
You can use the techniques described in other metric sections such as Alexa, Github, Facebook, Twitter, Pagerank, Feedburner etc
Use online Web Dashboards in the cloud or download and host your own Dashboards