Goal: To display Github metrics for any single or multiple github projects.
You need the location of the Github project
For e.g consider the twitter bootstrap project on Github
The location of the project is "twitter/bootstrap" i.e. anything after the parent domain name.
"id_list" is an array of github projects.
multiple projects can be specified as comma separated values
"metric_list": is an array of metrics that are Github specific. Provide a comma separated values. In the case of when the connection/service is "Github - All metrics" then this parameter is not required. When you chose "... - Specific..." then you can provide one or more metric
e.g with specific metric
  1. Drag a sticky note from the left panel
  2. Right click and select Data source
  3. Select "Github" from drop down
  4. Click on "Add Default Values"
  5. In the id_list, provide your github project that you want to track
  6. Click ok
How to display multiple Github projects
How to track a selected metric
Let say you wanted to open issues as a Dial chart
To do this, we select "Github - specific metric..."
You can use the techniques described in other metric sections such as Alexa, Github, Facebook, Twitter, Pagerank, Feedburner etc
Use online Web Dashboards in the cloud or download and host your own Dashboards