Beautiful Backgrounds

Here is a collection of some beautiful backgrounds that can be used for dashboards
NOTE: These resources are not affiliated with Rudrasoft LLC or any of its products and subsidiaries. This is only a recommendation and please respect their respective copyrights and licenses
Visit for more backgrounds
Caution : Other than Flickr images, do not directly hotlink images from other websites such as subtlepatterns or If the images are free to use then download and host them on your own server or free photo sharing sites and then use them.
Some more backgrounds from Flickr
wood backgrounds
Grass background
Full Background
General Guidelines
  • When you use backgrounds choose them carefully so that the dashboard widgets can easily display the data that is suppose to be visible.
  • Do not choose backgrounds with too many colors
  • Try to use Transparency and opaque features of the widgets when you want to reveal or hide the backgrounds behind it
  • Keep it simple.
Use online Web Dashboards in the cloud or download and host your own Dashboards