Infocaptor Enterprise

InfoCaptor Enterprise is extremely versatile All-in-one Social and Business dashboard application.
InfoCaptor comes with
  • Bottomless visualization options
  • Connection adapters to SQL databases (direct connection, no API needed)
  • Connection adapters to various web applications (twitter, facebook, google spreadsheets, rss, POST, GET etc)
  • Enterprise class user access control mechanism (public sharing, private sharing, configure to work with your own LDAP groups)
  • Visual Alerting system
  • Sound Alerting system (Bells and whistles)
  • Email Alerting system
  • Use online application at
  • Download and host it internally (just like Wordpress, drupal or any other PHP based web application)
InfoCaptor is a very intuitive HTML5 based browser application. You can use it on your own desktop/laptop or host it on your own web hosting/intranet/behind your own firewall.
The interface is drag and drop widgets. Stretch any widget to any size and re-position them any where you want it.
All widgets behave the same way and are completely "data-aware"
What is "data-aware": Every widget can accept manually punched data (that you directly type into it) or can be sourced from any external source. The external source could be a database or third party web service. Each and every widget from icons to lines and arrows is data-aware and has the ability to use the data-connectors and show information.
Basic Usage
  1. Drag any widget from the left panel to the right canvas
  2. Double click to add dummy data (prototype values)
  3. Or just right click and select "Data Source"
  4. Select the service or database connection
  5. Fill up the needed information
Visualization and Data separation
All the widgets you see on the left panel are visualization objects and they do not affect the "Data Source" and similarly each "Data Source" is independent of the visualization. With this approach InfoCaptor provides you with the ultimate freedom of visualizing your own data in any form and size.
Technical Details
InfoCaptor is built using PHP and MySQL.
  • PHP version : 5.3 +
  • MySQL version : 5+
  • Browser : Need HTML5 enabled browser (e.g Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera ), for Internet Explorer need the Chrome Frame Plugin to be installed
  • Built on top of prototyping and flowchart engine
  • Extreme robust User access control system
Storage Mechanism
  • High level meta information is stored in the MySQL database (e.g Username, Groups, Object names)
  • Detail Information is stored in the file system (Each widget square, grid, charts and all its beauty aspects like font, linewidth etc is stored in the file system)
  • Connection details are encrypted and stored in individual files
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