Infocaptor Enterprise

InfoCaptor Enterprise is your Data visualization, Analytics and Business Intelligence Dashboard application. It provides Visual Analytics for you, your team and your entire organization.
InfoCaptor comes with
  • Ad-hoc Self Service Data Visualization
  • Drag and Drop analytics
  • Instant publishing to dashboards
  • Bottomless visualization options
  • Connection adapters to SQL databases (direct connection, no API needed)
  • Enterprise class user access control mechanism (public sharing, private sharing, configure to work with your own LDAP groups)
  • Visual Alerting system
  • Sound Alerting system (Bells and whistles)
  • Email Alerting system
  • Use online application at
  • Download and host it internally (just like Wordpress, drupal or any other PHP based web application)
InfoCaptor is a very intuitive HTML5 based browser application. You can use it on your own desktop/laptop or host it on your own web hosting/intranet/behind your own firewall.
The interface is drag and drop widgets. Stretch any widget to any size and re-position them any where you want it.
All widgets behave the same way and are completely "data-aware"
What is "data-aware": Every widget can accept manually punched data (that you directly type into it) or can be sourced from any external source. The external source could be a database or third party web service. Each and every widget from icons to lines and arrows is data-aware and has the ability to use the data-connectors and show information.
Technical Details
InfoCaptor is built using PHP and MySQL.
  • PHP version : 5.3 +
  • MySQL version : 5+
  • Browser : Need HTML5 enabled browser (e.g Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera ), and latest Internet Explorer
  • Built on top of prototyping and flowchart engine
  • Extreme robust User access control system
Storage Mechanism
  • High level meta information is stored in the MySQL database (e.g Username, Groups, Object names)
  • Detail Information is stored in the file system (Each widget square, grid, charts and all its beauty aspects like font, linewidth etc is stored in the file system)
  • Connection details are encrypted and stored in individual files
Deployment Model
  • Unlike other Data Visualization vendors, InfoCaptor is simply single stack application.
  • There is no separate Desktop or Web application.
  • Everything is browser based
  • The same web application works on your Desktop / Smart Phones or Tablets.
  • The same web application works on Linux / Mac / Windows or any other operating system.
  • You analyze/design and publish everything within the same interface.
  • Our cloud based application is exactly the same application that you download and work with.
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