Create Pivot or crosstab data from flat table – Consumer price index dashboard

In the previous section we built a simple dashboard using the CPI data. In this part, we will use some pivot SQL queries to facilitate comparison of multiple categories on the same chart. The charts require the data to be in certain format. It expects the first column to be the x-axis and the following … Read more

How to upload flat files like CSV and Excel data into SQL tables

InfoCaptor Enterprise now comes packaged with in-built mini datawarehouse that you can use it to upload flat files and convert them into SQL tables. Once your flat files are in SQL then you can perform join operations between multiple flat files and perform advanced analytical queries using SQL. NOTE: InfoCaptor provides the ability to directly … Read more

Build a dashboard using XML as data source

In this article we will use a XML data source and build it to display the various data sets in grid format. This tutorial is an extension to the one you see in the documentation All it uses is just XPATH syntax to extract various information. Consider this XML document This XML contains … Read more

How to upgrade infocaptor enterprise

Here are the steps you should take to upgrade your existing InfoCaptor Enterprise install. This is true for both scenarios, if you wish to upgrade your standalone local install or the server based install. The procedure will ensure you don’t lose your data, database configuration and the license information These instructions are for linux Preparation: … Read more

InfoCaptor New Release – Beautiful Dials – Bar chart with icons and symbols and number formatting

The latest version of InfoCaptor Enterprise now has some very cool features. You can download it here We made a small tweak to the local install. Now when you install the dashboards can be accessed from any of your home or office computers that share the same network. The drawback is now you will … Read more

Visual alerts – Exception highlighting in reports and dashboards

In this article we will expand on the “Bells and Whistles” section of our Dashboards. There are multiple ways to alert the user when your data crosses a certain threshold. The most used technique is to change the color of the data depending on whether the data is on the target, above the target or … Read more

Startup Scorecard Dashboard

For a startup or small business it is very important to track certain things apart from revenues and expenses. A startup could be selling a subscription service, a downloadable component, mobile app and so on. A startup also has raised some funds either through family/friends or incubator and VCs A startup is attacking on various … Read more

HR dashboards – Different Faces

Previously we built this Human Resource dashboard using Excel as the data source. The same can be built by putting the data in Google Spreadsheet and then slightly changing the queries. Checkout the entire HR video series for the tutorial   In the same note, we replicated the data into a MySQL database so that … Read more

Vanity Dashboard Metrics – How to

Metrics are measurement values that you associate with certain actions and outputs. We can classify metrics into various categories and usually we should bother measuring and monitoring only those metrics that help our business grow or optimize our desired procedures. But there are certain metrics and more importantly with today’s social media that can be … Read more