Action Framework for Dashboards

Dashboard Reporting comes in variety of format.

There are dashboards that are for information display purpose like “Airport Terminal displays” and there are dashboards that take a step further and let you interact with the dashboard elements.

InfoCaptor now allows you to interact with your dashboards in a very consistent manner. Usually in a dashboard there are special objects that allow you to interact with the dashboards and these are usually the dashboard filters (some call it dashboard prompts or parameters).

The idea is the user is given certain controls where they can choose to select radio box, checkboxes, select from dropdowns or move the slider to get a different set of data on the same dashboard.

With the new Action Framework, InfoCaptor has extended the functionality to all of the display objects. Every widget can act as a controller. The idea of this mechanism is not new but the implementation to extend to charts, grids and every object that can display information such as flow chart connectors/lines in a consistent manner is very unique.

In simple terms, each object is given the privilege to Broadcast, Listen and React. With this simple implementation a whole new level of interactivity can be acheived and users can build really powerful dashboards with no programming knowledge.

Here is a short video introducing the concept

Action Framework for Dashboards

And in this article we build the dashboard from scratch

How to build HR Dashboard