Web Dashboard – Add Excel File Connection

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This article will explain how to add new Excel File connection




Assuming your excel file is located in the “c:samplestest_data.xls” the following entries are populated



“Connection Handle” : This is an identifier for the excel file that will be used in the dashboard so name it appropriately so you can identify. Each Connection handle will appear in the data connection drop down list

“Excel File Path” : Type the exact Excel file and also verify the extension if it is .xls or .xlsx, or .xlsm or .xlsb

Then select the windows and excel version. Add some descritption and then click on the “Add new Connection Entry”

You should see the confirmation message below


Now go back to the Dashboard Designer interface

And from the left panel, under the “Containers and Boxes” section we drag the “Grid” and drop it in the main canvas in the center



Now right click on the Grid

It will show a context menu

Find the “Data URL” item and click on it


this will open a new window as shown below



From the connection you can select the Excel handle that we defined earlier

In the SQL window you can type any valid SQL statement

Click “OK”

The SQL will execute and immediately update the Grid with the result it brought in


So this explains the basic data sourcing for Grid.

You can source data into the charts too but for charts make sure you are pulling the right number of columns and in the proper order.

The Core Tools

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