HR Dashboard – Build Excel based Human Resource dashboard with filters – parameters and drill down

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In this tutorial, we will demonstrate some of the new and powerful features of InfoCaptor Enterprise.

The new features include Dashboard prompts that let you set global filters on one or multiple widgets. It also demonstrates and teaches how to build drill down in the dashboards and reports.

Please view each video segment in the following sequence


InfoCaptor Parameters Dashboard filters part 1

InfoCaptor Enterprise Dashboard filters – part 2

InfoCaptor Enterprise Dashboard filters – part 3

InfoCaptor Enterprise Dashboard filters – part 4

Custom Reports and Dashboards

We will build you a set of custom reports and dashboards
Best Offer

The Core Tools

Create dashboard for any Database

Data Visualizer and Dashboard Application
This is the best dashboard software for its price. One good thing we did was to hire their consulting services to build few dashboard prototypes and provide some quick dashboard training.
- Terry Seal, IL
We evaluated Xcelsius and Qlikview and the cost for organization to implement dashboards was quoted over 10,000 USD. For fraction of the above quoted price, we were able to buy the licenses for the web based dashboard software and get some free training. This is truly a dashboard software for small businesses like us.
IT Manager of a Trucking company, OH