User Insights for WordPress | Review & Alternatives

Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of a successful WordPress website. User Insights is a powerful tool that helps you dive deep into user data, but it’s not the only player in the game. In this article, we’ll review User Insights for WordPress and explore some of the best alternatives available, along with actual user … Read more

wpDataTables vs Ninja Tables: Which WordPress Table Plugin is Better?

Pretty sure you want your website appearance to be neat and clean. But sometimes, it gets messy because of a huge load of unorganized data. That’s where WordPress table plugins join the conversation. Ninja Tables and wpDataTables reign in every top table plugin list because of their user-friendly features, support, and ease of use. These … Read more

wpDataTables Reviews: What Users Say About This WordPress Plugin

Read wpDataTables reviews from real users and find out why this WordPress plugin is the best choice for creating and managing tables and charts. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that can help you create and manage tables and charts from any data source, you might have heard of wpDataTables. wpDataTables is one … Read more

Repeat Customer Report in WooCommerce

How to find repeat customers for your WooCommerce Store? Who are the repeat customers? Repeat customers are simply those who purchase more than once in a given time period. The period could be a week, a month or spanning multiple years. Let say you purchase Vitamins or Thyroid support medication from an online store. You … Read more

WordPress Table Plugin – Alternative WpDataTables , NinjaTables

Table Builder plugin like WPDataTables / WooCommerce Product Table In order to build Data tables within WordPress, we released a very basic and useful Table Builder plugin for wordpress.Since this is an initial release, the functionality is very basic but it allows anyone to easily create Post Lists Table in wordpress and then you can … Read more

Woo Commerce List of Top Selling Products

Best Selling WooCommerce Products

This Top selling product analysis report was built using Woocommerce Data Visualizer and adapted as a dashboard plugin for Woo Commerce reports

WooCommerce Sales Revenue by country Report

Geographical Sales Analysis by all countries

This Sales by country report was built using Dashboard Software tool and adapted as a replacement for Woocommerce Admin Dashboard plugin

WooCommerce Sankey flow Revenue Visualization Report

Sankey Data Flow for analysing WooCommerce Data

This Sankey Diagram analysis report was built using InfoCaptor Dashboard builder and adapted as a dashboard plugin for WooCommerce