wpDataTables vs Ninja Tables: Which WordPress Table Plugin is Better?

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Pretty sure you want your website appearance to be neat and clean. But sometimes, it gets messy because of a huge load of unorganized data. That’s where WordPress table plugins join the conversation. Ninja Tables and wpDataTables reign in every top table plugin list because of their user-friendly features, support, and ease of use. These two have a sizeable user community and good ratings. So, it can be confusing for a newbie to choose one of them for their website.

No worries! We’ll show a comparative study of Ninja Tables vs wpDataTables, taking their features and functionalities into account.

wpDataTables vs Ninja Tables

But how do they compare? Which one is better for your needs? In this article, we will compare wpDataTables and Ninja Tables based on several criteria, such as user-friendliness, integrations, design, features, and more.

Let’s look at them one by one.

1. User-friendliness

Here’s a comparison table focusing on the user-friendliness of wpDataTables and Ninja Tables:

Feature CategorywpDataTablesNinja Tables
InterfaceIntuitive and user-friendly with easy navigationOffers customization, and advanced features mainly in pro version
Source CompatibilitySupports CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, MySQL, JSONSupports CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, MySQL, JSON
Customization OptionsExtensive: conditional formatting, filters, sorting, pagination, charts, calculationsDirect integration allows easy table creation and management
WordPress IntegrationSeamless integration for table creation and managementDirect integration allowing easy table creation and management
Feature RichnessWide range of features for dynamic and interactive tablesSupports multimedia integration and WooCommerce product tables
Advantage for User-FriendlinessMore extensive customization options and featuresSimplified interface, suitable for non-technical users; some limitations in advanced features


This table illustrates that wpDataTables offers a more feature-rich environment with extensive customization options, making it highly user-friendly for those requiring detailed and dynamic table functionalities. Ninja Tables, while also user-friendly, is particularly noted for its ease of use and is a robust option for users who prioritize simplicity or do not require the advanced features available in wpDataTables.

2. Integrations

Here’s a comparison table focusing on the integration capabilities of Ninja Tables and wpDataTables:

CriteriaNinja TableswpDataTables
Plugin CompatibilityIntegrates with Elementor, WPBakery, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, etc.Integrates with Elementor, WPBakery, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, etc.
Embedding MethodUses shortcodes to embed tables in pages/postsUses shortcodes to embed tables in pages/posts
Data Sources & FormatsLimited (fewer data sources and formats supported)Extensive (supports XML, PHP arrays, serialized arrays, etc.)
External API IntegrationsNot specifiedSupports Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.


This comparison highlights that while both Ninja Tables and wpDataTables offer robust integration capabilities with popular WordPress plugins and tools, wpDataTables has a significant advantage in terms of data source diversity and external API integrations, allowing for more comprehensive data management and reporting functionalities.

3. Design

Here is a comparison table focused on design features between Ninja Tables and wpDataTables:

CriteriaNinja TableswpDataTables
Design FlexibilityHigh (more templates and presets, custom CSS)Moderate (fewer templates and presets)
Customization OptionsExtensive (colors, fonts, icons, table dimensions)Limited (some options only in pro version)
ResponsivenessAdjustable (width, height, alignment)Adjustable (width, height, alignment)
CompatibilityFits any WordPress themeFits any WordPress theme


This comparison highlights Ninja Tables’ advantage in design flexibility and customization options, offering more templates, presets, and the ability to use custom CSS, providing a higher degree of personalization for your tables.


FeaturesNinja TableswpDataTables
Unlimited data       ✅️            ✅️
Multimedia       ✅️            ✅️
WooCommerce product table      ✅️            ✅️
Google Sheets      ✅️            ✅️
Drag & drop table builder      ✅️            ✅️
Fluent Forms integration      ✅️            ❎️
Custom color scheme      ✅️            ✅️
Custom filter      ✅️            ✅️
Charts       ✅️            ✅️
Conditional formatting

Transform Value

WP posts       ✅️            ✅️
Pre-built templates
Gravity Forms       ❎️            ✅️


Both wpDataTables and Ninja Tables have free and premium versions available. The free versions have limited features and functionality, while the premium versions have more options and support. You can compare the features and pricing of the free and premium versions on their official websites.

Here’s the comparison between Ninja Tables and wpDataTables based on pricing:

CriteriaNinja TableswpDataTables
Single Site (per year)$49$59
Multiple Sites (per year)$99 for 20 sites.$109 for 3 sites.
Unlimited Sites (per year)$199 for unlimited sites.$249 for unlimited sites.
Lifetime License$299 for unlimited sitesNo lifetime license option


This table illustrates that Ninja Tables offers more affordable pricing options compared to wpDataTables, including a lifetime license option which wpDataTables does not offer. ​​


As you can see, both wpDataTables and Ninja Tables are excellent WordPress table plugins that can help you create and display tables on your WordPress site. However, depending on your needs and preferences, you may find one plugin better than the other. Here is a summary of the main differences between wpDataTables and Ninja Tables:

  • wpDataTables is more user-friendly, has more integrations, and has more features than Ninja Tables, but it is also more expensive and has fewer design options.
  • Ninja Tables is more affordable, has more design options, and has more templates and presets than wpDataTables, but it also has fewer integrations, fewer data sources, and fewer features

Ultimately, the best WordPress table plugin for you depends on your budget, your data source, your design preference, and your feature requirements. We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision.

For great Visual Charts/Tables check the WooCommerce Reporting Pro Plugin.


Q1. What are ninja tables in WordPress?

-Ninja Tables is a table builder plugin in the market to create stunning WordPress tables from scratch. It can be the best table data visualization tool for your dashboard. Here is the list of the functionalities and elements in these simple tables: Drag and drop table builder.

Q2. Is WP Table Builder free?

-As the name suggests, WP Table Builder is a free table builder plugin for WordPress that allows you to build beautiful tables quickly. The plugin has a drag-and-drop interface allowing you to drag elements without worrying about writing code.

Q3.vHow many default tables are in WordPress?

-The database for every WordPress installation has 12 default tables.

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