List of all Machine learning related startups, tutorials and examples

Checkout the list of all Machine learning related submissions to Hacker News. List of all Machine Learning submissions on Hacker News Score DPGO, Machine learning dynamic pricing for Airbnb listings 208.0 Show HN: Machine learning cheat sheet 166.0 Show HN: An easy-to-use Text Analysis API – NLP and Machine Learning 153.0 Show … Read more

Manufacturing Dashboards – What are their benefits?

Benefits and Use of Dashboard for Manufacturing Today in the US economy, the major players in the manufacturing industry are electronics, automobile, steel, consumer goods, and telecommunications. And as they offer more advanced products, including tablets and smartphones. These technological advancements significantly influence consumer lifestyles. Along with these changes, the global manufacturing industry is currently … Read more

How can BI Tools like Dashboards help with Sales and Profit

Reasons to Start Using BI Tools like Visualization and Dashboards   A dashboard works by connecting with your business systems, including your email system, customer relationship management (CRM) system, accounting software, and website analytics program, among others. A dashboard pulls all these data into one place so you won’t need to log into several systems. … Read more

How can Hospitality industry benefit from dashboards and analytics?

  Better Management and the Benefits and Use of Dashboard for Hospitality Briefly, dashboard software offer a method of collecting and organizing data. Using simple access points and display functions, this software can provide their users with snapshots of measurable metrics that they can then use to make better decisions, in this case, on running … Read more

The Importance of KPI Reporting for Behavioral Health

  Assessing mental and behavioral health is a crucial stage in hospitals and medical centers. Doctors and psychiatrists cannot merely rely on general observations. Worse, they cannot second-guess a patient’s behavior. This is not the Victorian times. Countless of studies and medical reports have already been published to help medical practitioners come up with a … Read more

Benefits of Dashboards and Data visualization for Energy and Utility

  Time-and-again, analytics has been useful in people’s lives, whether it’s in higher education, marketing, the health sector, or in energy and utility services. The last one, however, is still in a major upheaval because of the introduction of the latest technologies to measure utility and provide more accurate energy readings. But if used properly, … Read more