Manufacturing Dashboards – What are their benefits?

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Benefits and Use of Dashboard for Manufacturing

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Today in the US economy, the major players in the manufacturing industry are electronics, automobile, steel, consumer goods, and telecommunications. And as they offer more advanced products, including tablets and smartphones. These technological advancements significantly influence consumer lifestyles.

Along with these changes, the global manufacturing industry is currently embracing a new key player called metrics based manufacturing. This is actually the latest trend that industries need to consider in their sales funnel. So, what does this mean?

Metrics Based Manufacturing
What makes manufacturers modern is the data, information, and how they utilize these resources. But the most essential part is obtaining the right data available on all levels of the entire manufacturing process. That includes information from the manufacturing floor to the product holders and beyond. However, gathering and giving information is not enough. A real data-driven manufacturing is where the manufacturers give accurate information to targeted individuals using appropriate tools. Now, this is metrics based manufacturing.
There are dashboard software products that provide tools needed in delivering real time, tailored dashboards for employees, executives, managers, and clients. And the information you can display and track is virtually on tap. You just need to directly connect to various data sources including MS SQL Server, Oracle, Excel spreadsheets, and many others – in one single dashboard. Thus, data can be displayed on smartphones, tablets, and computers for immediate access and handling. So if you want to get real time access to your manufacturing data, dashboards are the ultimate solution you need.

Importance of Using Dashboard in Manufacturing Businesses
Devising a metrics based or data-driven business plan can create more opportunities for your company. And with the help of dashboards, accessing data can become easier for you and your team. But if you are planning to join this new movement in the manufacturing industry, understand that your first pitch, which is sales, may not always be successful. That’s when you need to go deeper into data visualization to see what really matters to your market. This way, you will know which area needs attention and how to improve them.
Using dashboards is a good investment, but it may take time to pay off. So implementing this will need patience and understanding. However, there are immediate benefits you can get when you use the platform accordingly. Together with your team, understand and experience these direct benefits to completely take advantage of data-based manufacturing. With up to date and real-time information, dashboards are really the future for manufacturing industries today.


  • Wherever you are, dashboards can be accessed any time you want. Also, the information is available in real-time so your team can easily get what they need.
  • No more guessing games during meetings. The information is readily available and accessible when needed.
  • Time is gold so digitized data is all you need to avoid time wastage while having up to date reports all the time.

Building Data-Driven Manufacturing System
Consumer needs are changing and so is the manufacturing industry. Hence, it’s important to keep up with these changes to manage the competition. Here’s how you can effectively build a data-driven manufacturing system to stay ahead of your competitors:

1. Study how the manufacturing business works and identify the right data needed by your team so they can carry out each phase successfully.
2. Determine the most convenient way to display your data. Make sure that your team can quickly access the dashboard through their computers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.
3. Put your dashboards into service and collect information. After building the baseline of your data, next step is to polish up the system for more efficiency.

Say goodbye to hard copies and re-printing. Manufacturing dashboards are the modern way of obtaining information no matter where you are. At your disposal, you can immediately have the data you need especially during emergency meetings. No more waiting for the reports to arrive. All you need to do is grab your computer or smartphone to see real-time information that you need for your manufacturing business.
The power to create data-driven marketing plans is in your hands. As a whole, dashboards offer instant, significant, and constant information you need to operate your business more successfully.

The Core Tools

Create dashboard for any Database

Data Visualizer and Dashboard Application
This is the best dashboard software for its price. One good thing we did was to hire their consulting services to build few dashboard prototypes and provide some quick dashboard training.
- Terry Seal, IL
We evaluated Xcelsius and Qlikview and the cost for organization to implement dashboards was quoted over 10,000 USD. For fraction of the above quoted price, we were able to buy the licenses for the web based dashboard software and get some free training. This is truly a dashboard software for small businesses like us.
IT Manager of a Trucking company, OH