School District and School metrics – Colorado School performance framework

Previously we built this School District Metrics Dashboard and using more data files from the same Colorado School Framework website we build few more metrics. This one is more interactive than the previous one and it is suppose to be a browsable by School district and school name. The top portion highlights School District metrics … Read more

Colorado School District Visualization – Dashboard

Using the data from The Colorado Department of Education here are some demographic visualizations built using InfoCaptor dashboard In this dashboard, we just use the enrollment data and try to extract some key observations. We will build a series of dashboards and try to see if there are any patterns emerging. Here is the link … Read more

Consumer Price Index – Charts and Dashboard

In this article we will build the following consumer price index dashboard The data used in this dashboard is from the Inflation Trends website (source , compiled from various government sites such as To begin with we have the following spreadsheet The raw excel file has multiple sheets but the data of our … Read more

Create Pivot or crosstab data from flat table – Consumer price index dashboard

In the previous section we built a simple dashboard using the CPI data. In this part, we will use some pivot SQL queries to facilitate comparison of multiple categories on the same chart. The charts require the data to be in certain format. It expects the first column to be the x-axis and the following … Read more

Startup Scorecard Dashboard

For a startup or small business it is very important to track certain things apart from revenues and expenses. A startup could be selling a subscription service, a downloadable component, mobile app and so on. A startup also has raised some funds either through family/friends or incubator and VCs A startup is attacking on various … Read more

HR dashboards – Different Faces

Previously we built this Human Resource dashboard using Excel as the data source. The same can be built by putting the data in Google Spreadsheet and then slightly changing the queries. Checkout the entire HR video series for the tutorial   In the same note, we replicated the data into a MySQL database so that … Read more