How to pass GET parameter values to Dashboard SQL – Drill down from external app

It is possible to pass URL parameters to any SQL widget within the Dashboard. This is useful for drilling from one dashboard widget to a different dashboard. This is also useful when you are drilling from a portal or third party application into InfoCaptor Dashboard. NOTE: when you drill from external application, the dashboard needs … Read more

CEO Dashboard by compensation/pay, shares, efficiency, rank and age

Before we start, jump to this Top 500 CEO Compensation Dashboard This cool visualization is built on top of a curated data of top 500 CEOs listed in order of their annual compensation, direct salary, number of shares, efficiency, rank and age. This list is generated by This article is split in two parts, … Read more

HR Dashboard – Build Excel based Human Resource dashboard with filters – parameters and drill down

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate some of the new and powerful features of InfoCaptor Enterprise. The new features include Dashboard prompts that let you set global filters on one or multiple widgets. It also demonstrates and teaches how to build drill down in the dashboards and reports. Please view each video segment in the … Read more