How to use SQL to build Dashboard

From SQL Query to Analysis InfoCaptor is extremely versatile dashboard application. It started initially just as “SQL Dashboard“. What do you mean by “SQL Dashboard”? This was the MVP (minimal viable product) for a Dashboard tool. The basic premise of the idea was that a developer can type any SQL query and produce the information. … Read more

How to improve dashboard refresh performance

Let say you have the following three widgets on the dashboard Typically each widget can use its own individual SQL query to populate the widgets. Users widget: select count(*) from xuser Projects widget: select count(*) from xcategory Dashboards widget: select count(*) from xobject Now in the above example the SQL is pretty simple and it … Read more

Dashboard Examples – Web Dashboards – Samples – Real time live metrics

Dashboard Examples, Real dashboards made with public datasets. Sample charts and graphics that you can use as templates or inspiration. CEO Compensation interactive visualization   Cloud/SAAS Dashboard statistics The above dashboard is statistics. It shows number of users,dashboards,projects,and groups created. It shows rolling 30 day chart for dashboards created per day, logins per day. … Read more