Presidents of USA and their Birth Signs – Sankey Visualization

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Wikipedia has a great dataset with regards to all the presidents of USA, their birth dates, birth States and birth signs (sun sign)

In this analysis, we will visualize the relation between the Age at Presidency, State of Birth and birth sign.

Sankey diagrams are extremely powerful at expressing flow and relationships.

In the following visualization [using bi dashboard software and the new sankey builder ] we are packing multiple dimensions in one big picture



We have packed 5 dimensions namely President name, State, Age at Presidency, Party and Birth sign

We can display and compare the frequency of birth signs or party using these bar charts as well.


The above stacked bar chart, shows the relation between the number of presidents for each party and the stack split shows the birth signs.

Alternatively, using the Sankey



Some simple questions

1. Number of presidents by birth sign


2. Number of presidents by state of birth


3. Number of presidents by political party


Deaths of US Presidents

List of Presidents under the Twenty year curse or Curse of Tippecanoe


Click here to view the interactive Sankey Visualization for Presidents of USA and their Birth Signs

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