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Excel dashboard samples

Dashboards built with InfoCaptor

InfoCaptor dashboards are extremely customizable. Below you will find several combinations of background patterns, best color themes/templates, different data connections including SQL and non SQL sources.

  • excel beautiful dashboard blue kpi

    Excel beautiful dashboard

  • Tendulkar ODI Analysis

    Cricket: Tendulkar Dashboard

  • Sales - CRM - Excel dashboard

    Sales - CRM - Excel dashboard

  • metrics dashboard kpi gray

    Metrics Dashboard KPI gray example

  • dashboard gray template

    Gray Dashboard Example theme

  • Startup Dashboard

    Startup Dashboard

  • beautiful dashboard metrics kpi metalic

    Beautiful Dashboard Metrics KPI

  • dashboard white light theme

    White - light Dashboard theme

  • excel postgres sql metrics dashboard

    Hospital KPI Metrics Dashboard

  • excel postgres sql metrics dashboard

    Excel |Postgres Sql | Metrics dashboard

  • gl dashboard excel brown

    GL Dashboard Excel

  • kpi dashboard hr sales finance white

    KPI Dashboard HR Sales Finance White template

  • mysql dashboard sql kpi transparent template theme

    Mysql Dashboard SQL KPI Transparent template theme

  • finance dashboard blue metalic

    Finance Dashboard Blue Metalic Example theme

  • crm kpi dashboard white

    CRM KPI Dashboard white example theme

  • web analytics dashboard metalic

    Web Analytics dashboard metalic template theme

  • affiliate purchasing kpi dashboard blue

    Affiliate Purchasing KPI Dashboard blue theme

  • sql dashboard metrics

    SQL Dashboard metrics example

  • Symbol Pivot

    Inflation Dashboard

  • Finance Dashboard, CEO Dashboard, CIO Dashboard, CFO Dashboard

    Finance Dashboard

  • HR Dashboard

  • Facebook Metrics Dashboard, Facebook insights, analytics

    Facebook metrics/dashboard

  • server monitor metrics gauge dials

    Server Gauges/Dials

  • Large TV Display Dashboards

    Large TV Display Dashboards

  • Jogger Health dashboard

    Personal health Dashboard

  • HR Dashboard

    HR Dashboard

  • Murders by weapon dashboard

    Homicide analysis Dashboard

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