WooCommerce Top Products and Customers Reporting

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Top listing metrics for each dimensions

List of Top Reports for WooCommerce

  • Top Products by Sales
  • Top Categories by Sales
  • Top Product Tags by Sales
  • Top Product Types by Sales
  • Top Countries by Sales
  • Top States by Sales
  • Top Cities by Sales
  • Top Customers by Sales

Filters for : WooCommerce export orders

Order Status completed 
Order Status  cancelled 
Order Status  failed 
Order Status  on-hold 
Order Status  pending 
Order Status  processing 
Order Status  refunded

Period Range for exporting details from woocommerce orders

Period RangeRolling 12 months
Period RangeFiscal Year to date
Period RangeCurrent Quarter
Period RangeCurrent Month
Period RangePrevious Quarter
Period RangePrevious Month
Period RangeLast 90 Days
Period RangeLast 30 days
Period RangeLast 14 Days
Period RangeLast 7 Days

Deposit orders and Meta Data Filters

IncludeDeposit Orders
ExcludeDeposit Orders
IncludeMeta Data
ExcludeMeta Data

List of WooCommerce Reports in the main plugin


This Geographical Map view of USA for e-commerce sales was built using InfoCaptor Dashboard Software and adapted as a comprehensive plugin for woo-commerce reports and dashboard

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You should definitely check out the Sales Trending/Analysis/Summary report available within the advanced WooCommerce Reporting plugin

Check how to Install Sales Reporting plugin for Woocommerce

The Core Tools

Create dashboard for any Database

Data Visualizer and Dashboard Application
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