Social Datawarehouse and Google Analytics + Salesforce

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So far InfoCaptor has been just a Business Intelligence application with excellent Data visualization and dashboard capabilities.

With the new release of InfoCaptor, we are introducing a data-warehouse that is packaged with the software.

What is meant by packaged Datawarehouse?

We have built a framework for collecting data into a mysql database. This means you can upload any CSV file and convert into a database table. Along with this release we are also releasing two builtin connectors for Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Google Analytics Connector

Automate all your Google Analytics data and get quick insights

  • Complete Business Intelligence platform with Google Analytics integration
  • ETL to bring Google Analytics profile data into MySQL tables
  • Consolidate data from multiple profiles – Pull metrics from multiple GA accounts
  • Define multiple jobs to extract different set of metrics into separate tables for analysis

Saleforce connector

Salesforce connector allows you pick and choose all or some of the salesforce tables and bring them into MySQL tables.

With both of these connectors, you get the ability to perform initial load and then schedule the jobs to do daily incremental export of data from Google Analytics and Salesforce.

This is best of the both worlds. On one hand you have an Analytics tool that does dataviz and dashboards but now you can bring data from various web services into your local datawarehouse for further analysis. The benefits are tremendous because now you can correlate your Google Analytics data with finance data sitting in your internal system.

Correlation is the king of Analytics

When you view different data points along the same dimension, it enables you to correlate data and see the ups and downs, identify patterns and get powerful insights.

The biggest advantage with this new offering is that you get the option to use our cloud based analytics or simply download the entire packaged data-warehouse on your own computer or servers.

Here is a high level view of our complete solution

social data warehouse

On the left is the Analytics + Visualization and Dashboard solution with live SQL database connections. And on the right, it shows the new connectors that are integrated with the ETL framework into the Social Data Warehouse. Although it is called a Social Data warehouse it is not just meant for social data. In the upcoming releases we will be integrating Adwords, Stripe and many such web services to make your data collection easy.

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The Core Tools

Create dashboard for any Database

Data Visualizer and Dashboard Application
This is the best dashboard software for its price. One good thing we did was to hire their consulting services to build few dashboard prototypes and provide some quick dashboard training.
- Terry Seal, IL
We evaluated Xcelsius and Qlikview and the cost for organization to implement dashboards was quoted over 10,000 USD. For fraction of the above quoted price, we were able to buy the licenses for the web based dashboard software and get some free training. This is truly a dashboard software for small businesses like us.
IT Manager of a Trucking company, OH