Bubble My Page – Keyword density analysis that you can use for SEO purpose

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Previously we saw how you can visualize your database information into bubbles

Now we are introducing this cute little service (Bubble My Page) that instantly visualizes any web page into bubbles of words tightly packed together. You can simply provide any website URL or individual page link and the service will analyse the words for you and show a nice word cloud bubbles. This is very similar to building a word cloud but the difference is that the bubbles represent the density of the word in the word bubble cloud.

At the bottom of the page it also provides 3 metrics that you can use for SEO purpose. In search engine optimization, lot of emphasis is put on the keywords and the number of times you use in the page.

The bubble word cloud instantly tells which words are overused and underused. It also gives a visual clue if you are doing any kind of keyword stuffing.

The words are placed in the center and then they are placed in an outward spiral. All words in a string a placed next to each other so you can clearly see if there is a proper flow in your text.

It displays the count or occurence of the words, good density ratio and Gross density ratio.

Certain things to keep in mind


  • Only the first 100,000 bytes are read from any page, if your page is longer than 100k bytes then the rest of the content is ignored
  • All words less than 2 letters are ignored
  • Gross density is based on the total words including the 2 letter words. (word count/total number of words on the page)
  • Good Density is based on the number of words displayed in the bubble visualization. (word count/total number of words selected for visualization)

Click here to use the Keyword Density Tool and visualize text into bubble word cloud

The Core Tools

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Data Visualizer and Dashboard Application
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