What is the most dangerous food at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden is one of the favorite destination for Italian food and today we got hold of the entire Olive Garden menu along with their nutrition data.

A typical meal at Olive Garden starts with a drink, appetizers [free bread sticks], main dish and finally the desert.

So going in the same sequence let see what the data menu for Wine and Beer has to offer.

Amount of Carbs per serving in your favorite Wine at Olive Garden


Compare this with the amount of Calories [Left chart shows the Calories and Right chart shows the Carbs in grams]

If you choose Beer over Wine, you reduce your Calorie intake but check out the other baddy in the name of "Sugar"



The data does not look appetizing for Non-Alcoholic drinkers




Bring on the Appetizers!


Ouch! Lasagna Fritta is my favorite and it hurts me to dig this up.

Time for the main dish



What is the final data bill if we choose the top food items?


A whopping 4000 calories plus 180 grams of Carbs and over 100 grams of Fat. Clearly one of the most dangerous combination of menu items to order at Olive Garden.

Let us line down the items to find the worst culprit


Even though it could kill you, Lasagna Fritta is still the tastiest item on the Olive Garden menu!

You can play with this interactive Olive Garden dashboard_application

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