List of Google acquisitions explained with visualizations

Google has acquired around 184 companies as of October 2015, with its largest acquisition being the purchase of Motorola Mobility, a mobile device manufacturing company, for $12.5 billion. Not all the acquisition figures are available but aggregating all the public known amounts, Google has spent atleast 28 billion USD on acquisitions.

With the recent re-structuring, Google became a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., which now owns most of the parts.

Using infocaptor dashboard software, we analyze the list of companies, products and services that Google has acquired since 2001.

A To Z List Of Companies Acquired By Google [Now Alphabet]

We extracted the first letter of every acquired company and plotted them as a simple bar chart. Google indeed has acquired A-Z companies.


[click to see list of all companies]

Google acquires companies in order to fill gaps in the product line or merge/integrate with their existing product lines.

Let see which companies have been integrated into multiple products and which products have consumed more than one acquired companies/products.

Starting with the largest acquisition

Acquisition of Motorola Mobility


The below sankey diagram maps out the complete picture of all the acquired companies and which products/services they have been integrated within Google.


[click to see interactive version]

Another interactive Circle pack viz showing the number of acquisitions by year and the business category


Top list of acquisitions [based on publicly known figures]


Here is the full interactive dashboard Google acquisition and mergers

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