Sending and receiving money across the world – remittances between countries

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The world bank publishes lot of interesting data and one about we are discussing is the remiitances between countries

Using the 2013 dataset, we come with the following visualizations.

Aggregating all the sending remiitances in millions of USD, we see that United States is the top country for sending remittances acros the world


Click on the above image to check the visualization in full scale.

And here is the Dashboard for interactive version

You can click on the green-yellow circle to zoom into and see the countries to which each sending countries is doing remittances and also the dollar volume.

Now, remittances cannot be just one way, right?

So we put all the countries into a Chord diagram to see how much volume each one is doing with others.

The below chord diagram shows the remittances that are over 5 billion USD


And here is the one with over 1 billion USD



Here is the live dashboard with chord diagrams showing remittances between countries

And finally we need to know who are the top senders and top receivers

No surprise here, the top sender of remittances is United States of America



And surprise, surprise….Who is the top receiver in aggregate?


Looks like Indians and Chinese are the top countries for receiving remittances. This simply means Indians and Chinese all around the world send lot of dough back to their country.

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