Data Visualization : Who made money for the Government on the bailout money?

Here is a quick data analytics for the bailout money disbursement. Lot of the entities have already paid the amount back to the government with interest and the government has made profits! Government has also lost money on lot of other organizations/companies that failed to repay back.

Government Bailout money by state Treemap visualization dashboard


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The top states for receiving the bailout money were NY, DC, Michigan and Virginia

And here is a quick overview by company type


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How money was actually given out based on the organization/company type

billions of dollars given out to companies by type of org

Which industries made profit for the Government?

profit loss on bailout money

Auto Industry still owes 12 Billion USD to the government.

Here is the list of companies that have made over 30% profit for the government

Companies that made profit for the government on the bailout money

Here is the Big List of companies on who received, How much and who returned with profit or loss

NOTE that TALF LLC is a special case. TALF LLC was a special purpose vehicle created by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

companies that received bailout money and turned into atleast 30 percent profit


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