Download InfoCaptor Dashboards

Build dashboards for Excel and CSV Data
Make reporting dashboards for Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and any ODBC/JDBC source

Dashboard installation and use for Desktop /PC or Mac

Do you want to analyze data on your own computer?

  • You have access to multiple and variety of data
  • You would like to browse your datasets and find trends
  • You would like to do self service data discovery

If all of the above is true then what you need is to download InfoCaptor and install on your own PC

On Premise Installation of InfoCaptor Server

  • You need to install InfoCaptor within your own network/firewall
  • You want to provide role based access to analytics and dashboards
  • You want to enable enterprise wide deployment of InfoCaptor with multiple users
  • You want users to login and build analysis using the browser
  • You want to view your published analysis and dashboards on mobile devices and across your network.

If all of the above is true then what you need is to setup InfoCaptor Enterprise on your own servers

InfoCaptor Cloud Service

Do you want to just login and start using InfoCaptor?

  • You need to instantly build browser based analytics and dashboards
  • You have data either in Excel or Flat file such as CSV
  • You have reporting database that you want to connect directly such as Oracle, MySQL,SQL Server, DB2
  • You want to build quick dashboard mockups for requirements gathering/analysis
  • You do not want to wait for IT or install anything on your desktop or server

If all of the above is true then what you need is to register for an online account