Best Dashboard Software. Whether you are looking to create simple Excel dashboard or web based Executive Dashboard or you are simply looking for Free Style Data Visualizations, InfoCaptor does it all in an Extremely Easy and visually interactive way.

InfoCaptor is the leading web based Business intelligence reporting and Dashboard software application.

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InfoCaptor Enterprise works with all Databases ( Excel, Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQL server, DB2, PostgreSQL, JDBC, ODBC, Flat files, and Big Data).

NOTE: Unlike other vendor tools, InfoCaptor is completely web based product. The only thing you need is a browser and nothing gets installed on your users machine.

Check this step by step tutorial on how to build Excel Dashboards

Excel Dashboards with beautiful visualizations and intuitive user interface

Perfect as your reporting software: Build Pivot Tables, row subtotals, grand totals, heatmaps,symbols charts
  • Pivot Table Normal Pivot
  • Symbol chart Symbol Pivot
  • Fixed width pivot table Fixed size Normal Pivot
  • Heatmap Heatmap Pivot
Look what your Excel Dashboards cannot do! Maps and Choropleths. Smooth flowing river like Area graphs!
  • Stacked area chart area
  • Pivot Symbol chart symbol_pivot
  • USA County Map usa_county_map
  • Choropleth USA Map world_map
Trellis charts make Business Intelligence look hot! Trellis pack a lot of data and help you exactly pinpoint which lines of business or product categories need attention
  • Bubble line dual chart trellis_bubble_line
  • Horizontal group bar chart trellis_horizontal_group_bar
  • Area chart trellis_area_chart
  • Vertical Stack chart trellis_vertical_stack_bar
The most easy way to build D3 based charts. Use the power of hierarchical visualizations like Circle pack to get insight into your organizational structure, employee hierarchy, cost center allocations, expense analysis like a boss!
Circos/Chord diagram gives a unique way to see relationships and sunburst is perfect to visualize strategy trees based on your KPIs
  • Sunburst hierarchical chart sunburst, cartwheel, stacked pie chart
  • Cluster Tree hierarchical chart cluster_tree
  • Circle Pack hierarchical chart circle_pack
  • Chord/Circos chart chord
D3 library is awesome but very difficult to code with. InfoCaptor provides one click interface to visualize your data into Circle pack, Treemaps,Circos and all other D3 based charts
  • Circle pack diagram circle_pack
  • d3 Circle pack chart circle_pack
  • d3 Treemap chart treemap
  • d3 Sunburst chart sunburst

Dashboard Examples

You can create free style dashboards, place the widgets anywhere on the screen, annotate with flowchart icons and arrows

  • Cricket: Tendulkar Dashboard Tendulkar ODI Analysis
  • Inflation Dashboard Inflation Dashboard
  • Startup Dashboard Startup Dashboard
  • H1b Visa Analysis/Dashboard H1b Statistics
  • Finance Dashboard Finance Dashboard, CEO Dashboard, CIO Dashboard, CFO Dashboard
  • HR Dashboard HR dashboard
  • Facebook metrics/dashboard Facebook Metrics Dashboard, Facebook insights, analytics
  • James bond Dashboard James Bond dashboard
  • Large TV Display Dashboards Dashboard on TV, Metrics on Flat screen
  • Personal health Dashboard Jogger Health dashboard
  • HR Dashboard HR Dashboard
  • Homicide analysis Dashboard Murders by weapon dashboard

Create Giant visualizations - You have infinite canvas to work upon. Vector Graphics (SVG) scales with your imagination