Woocommerce Reports and Dashboards

Watch this video to get a quick overview of WooCommerce Reports and Dashboard plugin.

These are the initial set of Woo reports and dashboards

-Sales KPI
-Sales Summary
-Sales by Country State Treemap
-Sales by Country World Map
-Sales by USA State Map
-Sales Heat Map
-Product CrossTab/Pivot Table
-Product Sales Flow Analysis
-Product Sales Heatmap
-Product Sales Trend
-Product Hierarchical View
-Top Listings
-Top Products

WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce Reporting - Beta

We need your help to test and validate the usefulness of this plugin for WooCommerce Reporting. Please sign up below and we will make sure to take good care of you.

How to install Reports for WooCommerce

We have added a live demo of the woocommerce dashboard reporting plugin

Please visit this Live Woocommerce Reports Link

Use the following credentials

Username : demo

Password : demo

wooCommerce Sales Overview and Order Statistics

WooCommerce Sales Heatmap

WooCommerce Geo Location map for Sales and Orders

Woo Commerce Sales and status by Country

Drill down Detail reporting and Customer Details

Treemap by States 

wooCommerce Sankey Flow diagram


WooCommerce Reporting Plugin

As you can see we have just posted few screenshots. There are other several reports and dashboards that will be part of this reporting package for woocommerce. If you run a woocommerce based ecommerce store then you should definitely consider joining this beta. 

Please join our Private Beta