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How to create documentation for MySQL database tables, views, procedures,functions,triggers, indexes

mysql tables,charts,graphs

Generate PDF and HTML documentation from MySQL meta-data, data-dictionary

Get quick answers to routine questions (Google like search for MySQL)

  • Which table contains a column that begins or has "xyz" as part of column name?
  • What are different tables that start with name "xyz"?
  • Find all the views or procedures or Functions that end with name "xyz"?
  • Which view definition is using a particular where condition?
  • Which views are referencing a particular table?
  • Search for any string in any procedure or function body

What else can you do with this tool?

  • Create time based snapshot of your Database objects
  • Compare differences between various Mysql installations by taking snapshot documents in each database
  • Meet your audit/SOX requirements easily by keeping upto-date documentation
  • Keep track of newly created objects (tables, views, procedures etc)
  • Keep track of latest updates to existing objects
  • Keep your documentation upto date and in-sync with your development
  • Reduce the time and cost needed for documenting your MySQL databases
  • No more manual update or regeneration of Documents
  • Easily create and manage your solution knowledgebase and publish it to end-users

You need to download InfoCaptor and open mysql_documentor.icv dashboard definition.
  • Click on the Download link above
  • Run the setup file infocaptor_setup.exe
  • Launch InfoCaptor
  • Connect to MySQL database
  • open the mysql_documentor.icv file (Download the latest file)

How is the documentation different?

  • Create PDF and HTML documents by click of a single button!
  • Export individual content into Excel or CSV
  • The PDF and HTML creates a nice bookmark outline for easy navigation. This feature is hard to find in other documentation or reporting tools.
  • If you don't like the default colors or you need to follow your project standards, simply change the colors in a snap

Need more?

  • The most powerful feature: Real time Dashboard. You get a free dashboard designer functionality.
  • With the dashboard feature, you can add more content, new portlets, new parameters, new drills and relationships
  • Add new graphs and charts
  • Create new metrics and display them.

How does it work?
MySQL documentor is based on a dashboard concept which is totally different than what others provide. Each portlet within the dashboard is made of SQL queries. These SQL queries access the information_schema views from MySQL database and show you the relevant information. These queries are used in the document generation.

Who should use this documentor?

  • If you are a DBA or a developer and want to make sense of existing state of the database objects then within few minutes you can create a comprehensive document either in PDF or HTML.
  • Impress your client by providing them with a beautiful document showcasing all the objects that you built or worked upon in your current project.
  • Every project manager ensures that the documentation is always in-sync with your development effort. MySQL documentor simplifies the process of generating easy to use, comprehensive, extensible and beautiful documentation.

How we differ?
  • Full blown Dashboard for MySQL. You can easily create new portlets( tables and charts), drills, Master-detail queries
  • Other documentation tools create offline report whereas we offer a real-time screen where you can see the information in front of you and also export it to your desired report format.
  • We also provide an easy mechanism to customize the fonts and colors of each report element.
  • You can remove columns or easily change the name of columns appear in your report
  • You can create custom filters on the fly to exclude certain rows
  • You can add custom queries and create new reporting nodes.
  • MySQL Documentor is a Dashboard that allows for online viewing, doing drills and creating reports in PDF or HTML
  • Runs on a USB stick, PC or web-server

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