InfoCaptor – Run as localhost or network mode

The default installation on your windows desktop is configured to start at Localhost or IP

This is local mode.

If you wish to access the dashboards across your company network then please follow these steps

1. Shut down infocaptor server as follows.

In the system tray, there is a small icon, right click and select ‘Close InfoCaptor’



2. Once the instace of infocaptor is closed, go to the infocaptor directory and you will see the two batch files



Double click the infocaptor_network_start.bat file and it will launch at your IP address.

InfoCaptor will launch in the network mode. You can use the complete URL from other PC


NOTE: In network mode you need to enter the user and password. This login is not required in local mode. The default user is admin and password admin123 [please change the password in production]