How to clone a dashboard – duplicate a dashboard

Here is a quick overview of to clone a dashboard within Infocaptor.

InfoCaptor’s dashboard meta data is stored in a hybrid of database and file system. So when you want to create an exact copy of existing dashboard, you would have to create a “New Dashboard Page”. This action creates the database meta-data. Next you need to copy the file contents from the source dashboard and copy over the newly created dashboard file on the server/file system.

This was the old process.

With the new update, InfoCaptor’s action menu has “Clone Current Page”


Here are the complete steps.

  1. Login to infocaptor
  2. Open the dashboard Editor
  3. Browse to the project and page you want to clone
  4. Open the “Actions” menu and select “Clone Current Page”
  5. Image
  6. Pick the “Target Project”
  7. Provide a new name to the “Target Page Name” or keep it same
  8. Image
  9. In the above picture, we keep the Target project same as current one and add a prefix “Cloned -” to the page name
  10. Click “Create”
  11. This will create a duplicate copy of the dashboard
  12. Refresh the browser
  13. Image
  14. Image
  15. That is our newly cloned dashboard page.

When you clone the dashboard, it keeps all the data connections intact, so it is ready to use dashboard.

Hope this helps simplify dashboard building process.