How to Attract Visitors to Your Site?

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It’s not that easy to go from zero visitors to thousands of potential customers in an instant. But if you implement the right traffic-generating strategy, you can increase the number of visitors coming in to your website. If you can get enough traffic, that means you can generate sales. And you can check the main components in your sales to get more traffic and keep it coming.

Getting Instant and Cheap Traffic

The key components in the sales process that you need to test are opt-in offer, navigation, order form, and sales copy. You need to test them first before implementing your large-scale traffic generating campaign. Why is it important? Because this will help you prevent losing huge money once the campaign fails. Here are some of the best ways to attract visitors to your site:

  • Test your site. There are actually plenty of components to test in your website. That includes your web design, content, and many others. However, stick to what’s more important when testing your website. The basics are your salescopy, order process, opt-in offer, and site navigation. Later on, you can test other components once your sales generation is stable. 
  • Use Yahoo! Search Marketing. Pay-per-click search engines offer cheap and instant qualified traffic. But you need to come up with some targeted keywords in order to get results. Bidding to appear on top listings gives visibility on search results like Yahoo, MSN, and others. This will help you reach 80% of internet users across the globe. 
  • Offer free content such as eBooks. Providing irresistible free resources in exchange of priceless publicity is a common practice among digital marketers today. For instance, a valuable eBook or well-written blog posts can generate loads of web traffic without spending a dime. Just don’t use sales pitch in writing them so you won’t shoo potential customers away. 
  • Use viral marketing strategy. Word-of-mouth publicity is one of the best marketing strategy ever. Without any cost, you can influence potential customers and visitors with your brand. It works by encouraging individuals to share what they know about your website to others. This advertising tactic is a guaranteed way to promote your business and boost your sales in no time. 
  • Include featured links on authority sites. If your website is a featured link on an authority site, you are sure to gain followers. Choose a site that regularly receives tons of attention from visitors so you can also direct some of them to your website. But you need to incorporate standard keywords through Google search so people will find you online. Also, make sure that the URL you’ve used is accurate. 

Additional Ways to Get Visitors to Your Site

 To keep your traffic and sales, you need to understand other effective means of attracting visitors. But don’t worry because the following are proven strategies in boosting web traffic in the long run:

  • Advertise your website to search engines. Search engines indexing the web like Yahoo can also improve your traffic. Doing this by midnight can quickly transmit your online business address as well as description to the most important indexes because the internet traffic is very low on wee hours. If you do it right, people who are looking for exact product or service that you offer will easily find you. 
  • Show why people should visit your site. Giving your target visitors the reason to check out your website is important. Make sure to offer them with something that is valuable and free. Valuable and relevant information can attract visitors and keep them coming back for more. 
  • Stay active on internet groups and even in mailing lists. You can let people know that you exist by joining online forums and communities. Choose the groups where your target customers are most likely to hang out. For several weeks, lurk on the group to understand their culture and needs. Then you can provide constructive comments as well as potential solutions in the discussion. 


 Stop spending money on fad marketing strategies and start investing efforts in these successful strategies to enjoy long-term marketing success. If you haven’t tried these tactics yet, you can begin implementing them right now for more visitors and higher sales.

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