Goal: Track your twitter metrics and that of your competitors. How good are you with social engagement compared to your competitors?
You can track one or more twitter ids
  1. "id_list":["mockuptiger","infocaptor"],
  2. "metric_list":["all"]
id_list: Add one or multiple twitter ID. If the widget supports display of multiple id then it can show them all together (e.g grid component can show all ids togeter)
metric_list: it is not required when you select 'Twitter - all metrics" but if you choose "..specific.." metric then you need this.
1. Drag a box to the center
2. Right click on the box and select "Data Source"
3. Select "Twitter - All metrics"
4. Click on "Add Default Values"
5. Add your twitter ids or those of your competitors
6. click ok
Within no time, the box should be populated with the metrics as below
Another example with a sticky note
How to display multiple IDs
You can use the grid component for displaying multiple IDs
Or you can use Charts to display them together for comparison
The following illustrates two twitter ids compared for multiple metrics
Or just with single metric and multiple twitter ids
NOTE: You don't need to login to twitter or authenticate. This uses the public api.
You can use the techniques described in other metric sections such as Alexa, Github, Facebook, Twitter, Pagerank, Feedburner etc
Use online Web Dashboards in the cloud or download and host your own Dashboards