Installation Issues
  • I can add Excel and Access connections but when I try to add MySQL or other SQL connections it does not get added
  • This is noticed in a linux type installation where the mcrypt module may not be installed. For SQL connections, it needs to be encrypted and not finding this module it cannot add the connection
  • Solution : Install the mcrypt module for php
  • I installed it on my linux server but when I login it says "Processing" and never logs me in
  • Solution : Please make sure the appropriate tags in PHP.ini are set as expected
Runtime Issues
For SQL related widgets, all the queries are dynamically constructed and submitted to the database.
These queries can be accessed by right click on the widget and select 'Show Error'.
If there is a database error the widget will indicate an error icon and also will contain the exact error message in the "Show Error" screen.
If there is no error then it just contains the submitted SQL (transformed with parameter values)
This SQL is the exact one that the database will execute it so you can directly test it in phpmyadmin, Oracle's SQL Developer, SQL Server studio or any other GUI database client.
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