SQL Server

The connection to SQL Server is defined in the same manner as you define the MySQL connection
Go to InfoCaptor menu Action > Manage Data Source
Next, select "SQL Server" from the left side panel.
Enter all the fields on the right hand side. for e.g the following is the connection definition for a computer that has SQL server installed. You can use the IP address of the computer as the hostname.
If you are not sure what to use, please ask your Database Administrator or check your tnsnames.ora file.
Once the connection is defined, the connection entry is available inside the widget's data source
You can follow the steps to write SQL against this database connection and extract into any widgets as described for the MySQL connection.
For e.g, we try a simple SQL against one of our internal table
And the results are instantly displayed in the grid.
If you are not familiar with building SQL queries you can use the visual Query builder of InfoCaptor Desktop
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