Simulation method is a handy way to prototype dashboards with quick random generating numbers.
This was specially developed for demonstration purpose but it seems like a good fit for creating simple simulation.
Right now simulation can be used only in Icons. Other widgets don't support them.
Drag a square icon
Right click on the Icon and select "Data Source"
Select "Simulation" from the drop down list
Click on "Add Default Values" button to pre-populate the parameters section
  1. "increment":4,
  2. "random":"Y",
  3. "random_negative":2
1. increment : This tells how much the counter should increment by. You can have any number
2. random : If this is set to "Y" then a random number is generated everytime and added to the existing value in the counter
3. random_negative: If this is a non-zero value then a random number is generated between 0 and this value and subtracted from the counter.
Let say the current value in the counter is 20
In the next refresh cycle, a random increment between 0 and 4 is generated and let say this value is 3
Then this value is added to the counter making the final value to 23
Next, a random value between 0 and 2 is generated. Let say it is 1. This value is subtracted from the counter
So our final value is 23-1 = 22
Without the random_negative, the value in the counter tends to keep going up but if you want to simulate random fluctuation going up and down then you can provide a non-zero random_negative
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