Sample Dashboards

As you have discovered InfoCaptor Enterprise dashboard application is extremely versatile.
It is extremely innovative and comes with unique "Motion Effects, Bells and Whistles"
It can be used in lot of different ways and solve different problems.
Here is a list of use cases where InfoCaptor has been effectively used by its current user base and you can spice it up with very innovative ideas. (Motion Effects, Visual , Sound alerts and Email Alerts)
  1. Excel Dashboards
  2. Access Dashboards
  3. Google Spreadsheet dashboards
  4. Oracle ERP dashboards
  5. General Ledger Dashboard
  6. Accounts Payables
  7. Accounts Receivables
  8. Purchasing
  9. Human Resource Benefits
  10. Inventory and Order management
  11. Work in process
  12. MRP Scheduling
  13. SAP Dashboards
  14. Peoplesoft Dashboards
  15. Database Dashboards
  16. Oracle Dashboards
  17. SQL server dashboards
  18. MySQL dashboards
  19. Startup Dashboards
  20. Track Startup Launch metrics
  21. Startup Growth Metrics
  22. Track the funding utilization dashboard
  23. Small Business Dashboards
  24. Quickbooks Dashboard
  25. Twitter Dashboard
  26. Competition Spy Dashboard
  27. Google Analytics Dashboard
  28. iGoogle or netvibes style dashboard
  29. CEO Dashboard
  30. CIO Dashboard
  31. CFO Dashboard
  32. Real Time monitoring system
  33. Social Media Monitoring Dashboard
  34. SEO monitoring dashboard
  35. Web content aggregator
  36. Ego Booster Dashboard on big screen TVs
  37. Just plain prototyping/wireframing and flowcharts
  38. Monitor your kids activity
  39. Monitor your Health Dashboard
  40. Wordpress Dashboard
  41. Deals Dashboard
  42. Salesforce Dashboard
  43. Static Dashboards
  44. Bug Tracking Dashboard (Bugzilla, Fogzbugs)
  45. CRM Dashboards (Seibel, SugarCRM)
Use online Web Dashboards in the cloud or download and host your own Dashboards