Goal: To display metrics for any feedburner URL.
Requirements: You need to activate the socialize setting for the feedburner URL in order to track the metrics
Click on the socialize under publicize tab.
And this
At the bottom of the page there should be an "activate service" button, click to activate it
Save it.
Back to Dashboard
id_list: Is a list of the feedburner id. The feedburner ID is the last portion of your feedburner URL
1. Drag a bar chart
2. Right click and select "Data Source"
3. select "Feedburner"
4. Click on "Add Default Values"
5. It will populate the parameter section that is relevant to feedburner
6. Update the id_list with your own feedburner ids.
7. click ok.
You can use the techniques described in other metric sections such as Alexa, Github, Facebook, Twitter, Pagerank, Feedburner etc
Use online Web Dashboards in the cloud or download and host your own Dashboards