Features and Benefits

  1. Quick Drag and Drop interface     ( Intuitive Interface so anyone can build dashboards )
  2. Undo/Redo                                  ( Don't be afraid of experimenting )
  3. Collaboration                               ( Share privately, work with small and big teams )
  4. Huge Icons/Drawing library         ( visualizing data using icons )
  5. Huge Widget library                     ( Bottomless visualization options )
  6. Full Charting Engine                    (  Tons of chart )
  7. Import Your own images              ( Logos and trademarks on your dashboard)
  8. Quick Prototyping/Wireframing and Dashboard Mockups (Build Fake or Real Dashboards)
  9. Visually connect Data using Flowchart style connectors   (Imagine your Visio Flowcharts came alive!)
  10. Transparent Widgets                ( all objects have transparency - Build dashboards in translucent layers of overlapping yet displayable data)
  11. Beautiful Backgrounds             ( Add any kind of background images)
InfoCaptor Enterprise provides you with three unique Alerting system Visual Effects, Sound Effects and Motion Effects
It also provides you Email Alerts
Bells & Whistles
  1. Visual Alerts {with javascript conditions (if..else)}
  2. Change Colors when your data arrives
  3. Change colors when your data changes
  4. Use Motion Effects when your data arrives
  5. Use Motion Effects when your data changes (http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Effects)
  6. Effects include { bounce, pulsate, shake etc..check the above link for more effects}
  7. Sound and Audio Alerts {with javascript conditions (if..else)}
  8. Load any .wav file from  any URL
  9. Give a name to his audio
  10. Play the sound conditionally or unconditionally when your data is refreshed >> For example..
  11. Implement a virtual cash register when you make a sale or sell goods
  12. Laugh out loud when new users sign up for your web application.
Full Database Connectivity
  1. Excel - Any Excel file (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb)
  2. CSV files
  3. Access Database (.mdb and .accdb any version)
  4. Oracle
  5. MySQL
  6. SQL Server
  7. PostgreSQL
  8. DB2
  9. SQLite
Web Services and Connectivity
  1. Google Spreadsheets
  2. Run SQL commands against google spreadsheet
  3. Twitter Metrics
  4. Facebook Metrics
  5. Alexa Metrics
  6. Github Metrics
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Custom Date Ranges
  9. Custom Dimension and Metrics
  10. Report on Events and Visits
  11. Google Pagerank Mertic
  12. Google PageSpeed Metric
  13. Google Backlink Metric
  14. Google Search Position Listing for any keyword
  15. Display RSS Feeds
  16. Extract data from URL containing XML data (using xpath xquery)
  17. Extract data from URL containing HTML data (using xpath xquery)
  18. Read JSON data from URL
  19. Secure HTTP POST webhook for accessing any private API
  21. Custom Data Provider
  22. Countdown timers (years,months,weeks, days,hours,minutes,seconds) - Note: This can be used for counting upwards as well.
  23. CountUp timers (same as CountDown)
  24. Simulation Counter - To display random numbers with random increments
Use online Web Dashboards in the cloud or download and host your own Dashboards