Dashboard Page Properties

Right click on any page in the left panel to invoke the page related context menu
Select "Page Properties"
Here are the list of all page properties
  1. "auto_refresh":"Y",
  2. "refresh_on_start":"N",
  3. "refresh_rate_seconds":1800,
  4. "show_custom_background":"N",
  5. "background_css":"{\"background-image\":\"url(http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7240/7011616439_f93181254b_b.jpg)\",\"background-size\": \"100%\"}",
  6. "sound_list":{"coin":"http://dl.dropbox.com/u/39897697/cashreg.wav"},
  7. "play_sound":"Y",
  8. "show_social_buttons":"Y"
1: auto_refresh: Y/N
When set to "Y" the dashboard will refresh each and every object on the dashboard (exception: objects can choose to exclude itself from autorefresh)
auto_refresh frequency is set by property # 3 "refresh_rate_seconds"
2. refresh_on_start : Y/N
If you have auto_refresh off and you simply wanted the dashboard to refresh once when you launch it then set this value to Y.
Even if auto_refresh is on, the first refresh happens only after the "refresh_rate_seconds" have passed. So either way if you wanted to refresh dashboard upon launch set this value to "Y"
3. refresh_rate_seconds
This variable sets the refresh rate cycle in seconds.
4. show_custom_background
The default background is white and no images. If you want to add backgrounds you can turn this setting on.
5. background_css
Using this property you can set the background image and repeat, no-repeat css properties.
If you have a screensize background then set the background-size to 100%
If you have a small pattern image then remove the background-size or just rename to background-s1ze so it will ignore this property
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