Change Log

Release : Major, version: 2.1
  1. Brand new adhoc visualizer add-on product
  2. New Visualisations
  3. Normal Pivot             
  4. Color Fixed Width Pivot
  5. Heatmap
  6. Symbol Pivot
  7. Vertical Bar [group]
  8. Vertical Bar [stack]
  9. Horizontal Bar [group]
  10. Horizontal Bar [stack]
  11. Horizontal Bullet
  12. Vertical Bullet
  13. Line [spline]
  14. Line normal]
  15. Line [step-before]
  16. Line [step-after]
  17. line_basis
  18. line_basis_open
  19. line_basis_closed
  20. line_bundle
  21. line_cardinal_open
  22. line_cardinal_closed
  23. line_monotone
  24. Area [spline]
  25. Area [normal]
  26. Area [step-before]
  27. Area [step-after]
  28. Scatter
  29. Bubble
  30. Bubble + line
  31. Bar Line Dual
  32. Bar Scatter Dual
  33. Chord/Circos
  34. Circle Pack
  35. Sunburst / Cart Wheel
  36. Linear Tree (left root)
  37. Treemap
  38. Treemap [smooth]
  39. Export Changes to include
  40. PDF export
  41. PNG export
  42. JPEG export
  43. Static HTML export
  44. UI Changes
  45. Three main tabs - Visualizer, Data and Editor
  46. Editor tab corresponds to the dashboard editor that was available in the previous releases
  47. Visualizer Tab is the adhoc analyzer where you can slice and dice your dataset and visualize in number of ways.
  48. Data Tab is where you can provide data in many different ways (paste your data, point to csv, connect to database)
  49. Editor Tab UI Changes
  50. Made the top section narrower to provide more screen real estate
  51. Removed the placement of icons for arranging objects into one menu - Arrange
  52. Added prominent "Make it Public" and "View this page" icons
  53. Removed the search bar
  54. Three new icons in the top bar
  55. The first one to edit the Data Source for a selected widget (this is same as right click on an object and selecting Data Source)
  56. The second is to edit the properties (this is same as right click and selecting Edit Properties)
  57. The third one is for charts and pivot widgets (this is same as right cilck and selecting Edit Chart Properties)
  58. Presentation Mode - Removed InfoCaptor logo, the Top Green Arrow bar and removed the top section that toggled
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