For SEO purpose backlinks to your website is an important factor and if you maintain a number of website properties for yourself or your clients then this is a very easy way to keep track of all your link building efforts.
id_list: This is a list of all the domains you want to track the backlinks for. You don't need to specify the http://www. part of the domain.
This a single metric so need of the metric_list parameter.
Goal: To display multiple websites along with their backlink counts
1. Drag a grid to the center
2. Right click and select "Data source"
3. Select Backlink count
4. In the parameters add all the domains in the id_list as an array , comma separated.
5. Click ok and it brings the count and popluates the grid
You can use the techniques described in other metric sections such as Alexa, Github, Facebook, Twitter, Pagerank, Feedburner etc
Use online Web Dashboards in the cloud or download and host your own Dashboards