Sticky Notes, Data Entry Fields and Logos or Images on Dashboard

Sticky Notes: Sometimes it is useful to pass some information in the means of plain text on the dashboard. Sticky notes can be created by selecting 'STATIC' type in the Datatype field of the parameters

Goto Create --> Parameter, select 'STATIC' for the DataType. Enter the static text in the text area.



Data Entry Fields

To create Data Entry Fields select DataType = 'FIELD'


Users can enter any loose text into these fields. These Data Entry fields can be used as regular parameters inside your SQL queries.

Add Image or Logos

You could add images as backdrop to any of the charts. If you need to add images or logos as seperate objects

Create a Parameter and select DataType as 'IMAGE'. In the text editor enter the URL of the Image or the file location of the image on your PC



Type the direct URL to the image in the text editor. It is recommended to host the image on a webserver and use the http url to reference the image location. This is ideal because when you deploy the dashboard on the server it is still universally locatable.

You can also just type the file path on your PC e.g. "c:my_imagesxyz.gif"

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