Manage your Business Intelligence Inventory using Dashboards

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What is your BI inventory? All the reports, dashboards and the corresponding objects form the components of your Business Intelligence system and hence are part of your BI inventory. As an IT manager, it makes sense to keep track of any changes that happen to your BI inventory. With today's bottomless disk space and ad-hoc report creation by end users, it often creates a situation that is unmanageable.

"Is it possible to keep track of what goes into my BI framework, who is asking for new reports and who is delivering them, what is redundant and how to detect any such thing?" This was one of the pains expressed by an IT manager of a huge networking company. They are using Oracle Discoverer, part of Oracle's Business Intelligence Standard Edition and were in desperate need to monitor the usage and performance of all their reports.

Apart from this they also needed an easy mechanism to document all the new objects and reports that were being added faster than the rate at which they can be consumed. The main concern for the manager was of duplicate efforts and objects that were identified in one of the analysis.

RudraSoft's Discoverer Dashboard, provides an easy to use mechanism to browse the report inventory and monitor the report usage and performance. It also makes it easy to generate a detailed report of entire BI inventory and related objects. This document can then be deployed on the intranet so that end users can use it as a reference. This monitoring dashboard was extended to dig into the client's alliance and ticketing system database to keep track of the request origination and link it with each report in the system.

This dashboard is based on InfoCaptor Dashboard Designer ( which is a solid dashboard development tool.

Some of the benefits of using Discoverer Dashboard are

* Saves lot of time, Instant document of your entire EUL in PDF or HTML
* Create your own BI Knowledge Base
* Eliminate redundant operations (duplicate BA, folders, workbooks)
* Monitor your entire reporting framework
* Tremendous productivity gain (It would take days to create similar documentation using a developer resource)
* Instant ROI - If your developer takes 8 hrs to create a simple document then at $50/hr the cost is $400 whereas for just $299 you can create a better documentation within few minutes and repeat the process as often as you need.

Take control of your Business Intelligence inventory now by trying this excellent dashboard against your database. You can find more information at

"It is the only and most comprehensive pre-built dashboard to monitor your Discoverer reports and objects," said Nilesh Jethwa, founder of RudraSoft and this dashboard has been endorsed by Oracle ACE and Discoverer GURU Michael Armstrong himself.

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